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Life is hard, and so is getting comfy with a new micro! The world of embedded systems is crowded - overflowing even! with newer and newer MCUs, MPUs and PLDs.Of course almost all micros can be programmed in C, and all manufacturers say that you can get started with their micros in less than 10 minutes.But the truth cannot be any further from this. From our past experiences, we know that it doesn't matter how long you have been in this field, there is always a learning curve associated with using a new chip in your design. The user interface of the development tools (IDE, compiler, program downloaders) vary immensely from vendor to vendor and switching chips usually means switching development tools - a new set of software with a different set of bugs and a different menu layout and options scattered in varied places.The marketing departments of manufacturers of micros aren't any help either. Often they would push the design teams to come out with products and in their hastiness, the documentation suffers. So when you adopt a new microcontroller for your design, you would essentially be treading an uncharted territory of new buggy tools with an inaccurate map (documentation) in your hands.

Thats where BlinkThatLED.com comes to your rescue. We will guide you through your first steps as you explore and evaluate a new IC (using an official low cost evaluation tool) and thus save you time and frustration - coz as it turns out, blinking an LED on a new micro isn't as easy as it seems!

PS: The website is a work in progress. Please visit again to see the updated content.

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