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Software Development Tools

We have used: Note: The above classification of tools as Compiler, IDE etc. is inaccurate, but gives the user a rough idea as to the primary functionality of each tool. all the three tools are required to be installed to complete the toolchain. Only one of the two available versions of Netduino SDK is required : either 64bit or 32bit depending on your OS. We have used the 32 bit version on 32 bit Windows 7.

The toolchain for netduino requires you to download and install three pieces of software in this order:
  1. Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010
  2. .NET Micro Framework SDK
  3. Netduino SDK (32-bit or 64-bit)

Step 01 Download web installer for Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

Step 01a

Step 01b
Navigate to "downloads" page

Step 01c
Click on the link pointing to
Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

Step 01d
You will be taken to Visual Studio 2010 Express
download page at

Step 01e
Select the language as "English"
to begin download

Step 01f
Save the web installed file on your

Step 01g
Wait for download to finish

Step 02 Install Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet during the installation of Microsoft Visual C# Express 2010. The setup will download the required files from the internet during the installation process.

Step 02a
Double click on "vcs_web.exe"and begin
the setup. Click next to proceed.
Step 02b
Select "I have read and accept the license terms"
and click next to proceed.
Step 02c
Click next to proceed.

Step 02d
Click next to proceed.

Step 02e
Wait for setup to download all the components.

Step 02f
Wait for setup to install all the components.

Step 02g
Exit the setup on completion.

Step 03 Download & Install .NET Micro Framework SDK

The Micro Framework SDK Setup file does not require internet connection during installation. Just download the setup file and execute it.

Step 03a
Download .NET Micro Framework SDK

Step 03b
Double-click on MicroFramworkSDK.msi

Step 03c
Wait for "preparing the Setup Wizard..."

Step 03d
Click Next

Step 03e
Select "Typical" setup and click "Next"

Step 03f
Click "Next" to begin installation

Step 03g
Wait till the files are copied.

Step 03h
Click "Finish" to exit Setup

Step 04 Download and Install Netduino SDK

The Netduino SDK does not require internet connection during installation. Just download the setup file and execute it.

Step 04a
Download the Netduino SDK (Choose version
based on your OS - 32 or 64 bit)
Step 04b
Double-click on netduinosdk_32bit.exe

Step 04c
Wait for "preparing the Setup Wizard..."

Step 04d
Click "Next" to continue.

Step 04e
Click "Next" to continue.

Step 04f
Click "Next" to continue.

Step 04g
Click "Install" to begin installation.

Step 04h
Wait for installation to complete.

Step 04i
Click "Finish" to exit setup.

Step 05 Plug in netduino and Install Drivers

Step 05a
Plug in your netduino to a spare USB port.

Step 05b
Click "Install" when asked if you would
like to install this device.
Step 05c
Netduino driver has been installed successfully.

Code for use in step 06:

public static void Main()
    // write your code here
    OutputPort led = new OutputPort(Pins.ONBOARD_LED, false);
    while (true)
        led.Write(true);  // turn on the LED
        Thread.Sleep(250); // sleep for 250ms
        led.Write(false);  // turn off the LED
        Thread.Sleep(250); // sleep for 250ms

Step 06 Create a project, write code and run it.

Step 06a
Start "Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express" from the
"Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express" Group
Step 06b
Wait a few seconds.

Step 06c
Click on "New Project"

Step 06d
Select project type as "Micro Framework"

Step 06e
Select "Netduino Application"

Step 06f
A new project will be created

Step 06g
Double click "Program.cs"

Step 06h
Type code for Blinking the User LED

Step 06i
Click on "Project" Menu and select "Project Properties"

Step 06j
Project Properties will be shown.Click on
".NET Micro Framework" on bottom left
Step 06k
.NET Micro Framework properties will be shown

Step 06l
Select transport as USB

Step 06m
The Device field will now show
"Netduino_Netduino". Click on Program.cs tab.
Step 06n
Click on the "Start Debugging" Button
(The one with the "Play" icon on it)

Step 06o
The LED on netduino will start blinking

Step 07 Stop

Step 07a
To stop debugging , press the "Stop Debugging"
button (one with the "Stop" icon on it).
The LED will continue blinking.

Step 08 Register Visual C# 2010 Express

Step 08a
After a few days of use, you will be asked to
register and obtain a key (it's free)
for Visual C# 2010 Express.

There is also getting started guide (PDF) created by the netduino folks available here
They have also created a "Getting Started" Video:


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